Weird AC Behavior

Djdawson2 at Djdawson2 at
Mon Aug 19 22:57:04 EDT 2002

Let me know what you find.  This is exactly my symptom as well.  As soon as
manifold vacuum diminishes (under boost), AC goes straight to the floor.  As
a stop gap between now and when you fix it, I've found that you can set the
AC on auto, click the "low" fan speed, and it will stay coming out of the
dash vents regardless of boost.  I've just been lacking the time to
troubleshoot.  I do get the telltale sign of the blinking outside temp light
for the first few minutes of operation, which is supposed to be the sign of
something amiss.  The Bentley seemed to be directing to me to the servo flap
motor, but I never got beyond that point.
Eager to hear how your turns out.

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