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Those motors always corrode. I've had two 200 20V's already with corroded r=
motors. I guess they get like that from people not using the rear windows m=
or not at all. So if that is the case with yours, take it apart and clean a=
the rust off of it. I used a circular steel brush on a drilling machine to
polish the insides of the motors. You'll have to take the magnets out too. =
careful no to shatter them. When you are done cleaning it all up lube it wi=

Let me know what happens,

Dan B.
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The left rear window wont go up or down.
No power getting to it. The switch for it in the front works fine and
the switch on the window itself works fine. The regulator looks fine and
the wire is tight. Checked the wiring in the door boot on the rear left
door and found no breaks.
Could it be a bad window regulator motor?
Or where would would the next logical place be to look for a break in
the wiring?
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