AC Woes

Jobe Tichy bimmer_dude at
Tue Aug 20 06:53:42 EDT 2002

Hello Listers...

Well, I took the 200 20v into the shop the other day to refill what I was
hoping to only be the R12.  Unfortunately, the tech stated that the
compressor will not hold any refrigerant and that the compressor is shot.  I
am very unfamiliar with AC systems (hence me taking it to a shop for the
first time since owning the car), so is there any way that the seals are the
problem at the compressor and can easily be replaced?  From my undrestanding
if the clutch engages, then the compressor is OK--mine engages just  fine,
any leads on explaining why the tech would think it would be a bad
compressor?  And finally, who's got the cheapest rebuilt compressors out
there?  Is it worth throwing in a used one?  I was inspecting the compressor
today and there was oil ALL OVER the compressor.  I imagine this is AC oil,
so could there have been some catastrophic burst to atmosphere everything
inside?  It does not appear to be hydraulic fluid.

Thanks for any help with this one.


<P>'91 200tq 20v</P>
<P>'84 BMW 318i (modified)</P>

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