Headliner glue

Steven Hauptmann hauptmanns at MAIL.LLR.STATE.SC.US
Tue Aug 20 09:26:17 EDT 2002

My headliner fell at the sunroof as well.

I removed the sunroof from the vehicle, cleaned the old deteriorated foam
from the fabric and the shell, and used a 3M spray adhesive to reattach the

The sunroof was surprisingly easy to remove. It's actually covered pretty
well in the Bentley. If you decide to pursue this and need further help, let
me know and I will give you more details.

Seems there were some posts on this a while back which did not involve
removing the sunroof. You may want to check the archives.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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What have people used to tack their headliner back up?  Mine is falling
apart around the sunroof center rectangle.

Thanks in advance,
Bryan Foster

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