AC Woes

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Tue Aug 20 15:44:54 EDT 2002

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>Hello Listers...
>Well, I took the 200 20v into the shop the other day to refill what I was
>hoping to only be the R12.  Unfortunately, the tech stated that the
>compressor will not hold any refrigerant and that the compressor is shot.  I
>am very unfamiliar with AC systems (hence me taking it to a shop for the
>first time since owning the car), so is there any way that the seals are the
>problem at the compressor and can easily be replaced?  From my undrestanding
>if the clutch engages, then the compressor is OK--mine engages just  fine,
>any leads on explaining why the tech would think it would be a bad
>compressor?  And finally, who's got the cheapest rebuilt compressors out
>there?  Is it worth throwing in a used one?  I was inspecting the compressor
>today and there was oil ALL OVER the compressor.  I imagine this is AC oil,
>so could there have been some catastrophic burst to atmosphere everything
>inside?  It does not appear to be hydraulic fluid.
>Thanks for any help with this one.

I have two of these compressors ('88 5000s & 200q20v) that leaked oil from the
connection housing o-ring.  I had my shop pull the compressor and seal the
housing with a Locktite product, orange in color - don't remember which product
it was but they use it on Porsche engine case halves.  I couldn't do it
myself due
to the obvious R12 handling issues.
You can't buy just the o-ring but the connection housing, which includes
the o-ring,
costs as much as a new compressor.
Both units continue to run without leaking oil to this day thanks to
Locktite and some

Hope this helps,
Steve Hackett

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