pentosin coolant

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Tue Aug 20 22:24:36 EDT 2002

If you really want to thin the wallet but not worry about water ....

Steve H.

At 06:13 PM 8/20/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>"Pshaw" is absolutely correct, Brett.  Water has the highest heat capacity
>of any substance on the face of the earth.  The heat capacity of all other
>substances is measured by comparing it to water, Specific Heat being the
>ratio of the amount of heat required to raise a unit weight of a substance 1
>degree to the heat required to raise a unit weight of water 1 degree.  By
>def. water has a Specific Heat of 1, all other substances being <1.  Alcohol
>is second best with a SH of .65 to .70, most other substances solid, liquid,
>or gasous are <<.5.
>Therefore coolent additives can only degrade a water's heat transfer
>performance, and are used only to inhance other properties such as corrosion
>resistance, boiling point, etc.  Don't use more antifreeze in your mix than
>is needed for freeze protection in your enviroment!  And don't pay for any
>other exotic claims, unless your wallet needs thinning.
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> > I've heard it before, but always said "pshaw" to the claims that
> > Pentosin coolant drops engine temps.
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