Oil in IC hoses revisited

Ingo Rautenberg irautenberg at comcast.net
Tue Aug 20 23:30:39 EDT 2002

Well, my alternator finally crapped out on me (had replaced the regulator a
year ago), and it really wasn't a surprise.  I'm talking the opportunity
while the alternator is out to track down my rather copious intake oil
system coating and so far it seems not to be the turbo bearing (good, I
think).  I am not sure how to test the Flow regulating valve at the back of
the cylinder head, but did notice there is no flame arrestor present in the

I recall that Bernie had suggested that he uses a metal scouring pad at the
larger end of the hose that goes into the block -- is that right?  I
understand that if I have serious piston ring blow-by, this may not be a
panacea, but appreciate any thought on the matter.  Incidentally, I am not
running over 20 psi boost as measured on my VDO gauge.

'91 200q20v...Slightly modified, but still mit K24 turbo
'83 Urquattro
('90 v8q RIP)

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