Oil in IC hoses revisited

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Aug 21 00:38:48 EDT 2002

At 10:30 PM -0400 8/20/02, Ingo Rautenberg wrote:
>I recall that Bernie had suggested that he uses a metal scouring pad at the
>larger end of the hose that goes into the block -- is that right?  I
>understand that if I have serious piston ring blow-by, this may not be a
>panacea, but appreciate any thought on the matter.  Incidentally, I am not
>running over 20 psi boost as measured on my VDO gauge.

When I replaced the original vent hose, I found the flame arrestor
located just downstream of the regulating valve (i.e., in the upper,
narrow section of hose). It's a pretty coarse pad, as I recall.


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