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Wed Aug 21 20:09:48 EDT 2002

You do not have to worry about bleeding the brakes
to change rotors and pads.  It is something that should
be done periodically, but it can be a totally separate

On Wed, 21 Aug 2002 20:28:24 EDT Zoot531 at aol.com writes:
> Listers,
>   Just as an update, i recieved a new set of UFO rotos (kinda sharp
> lookin'
> without the brake dust) and a new set of Jurid brake pads from
> www.thepartsbin.com today.  The old UFOs were severely cupped and
> grooved and
> measured below 0.90" thickness, the pads were totally shot, one of
> them was
> metal on metal.  I hope to put the rotors back on the car tonight,
> but as
> i've never worked on brakes before, i was wondering if bleeding the
> brakes is
> a "must do" or a "should probably do, but can wait until i change
> the brake
> bomb sometime next month"  I know this is probably sad, but i have
> no idea
> how one goes about bleeding brakes and if removing the rotors makes
> this a
> necessity or not.
> Thanks for all your help,
> Adam Chinchiolo
> '91 200q20vt mit shiny new UFOs
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