Lime Rock Vintage Festival, registration online!

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Aug 22 01:53:17 EDT 2002

Just an update on the upcoming LRP VF event- tickets can be reserved
online now through a form.  Tickets must be reserved by Saturday
morning, the 24th at the absolute latest.   Payment will be via
check- you must have your check in to me by Friday the 30th at the
absolute latest.

In short: this is the Lime Rock Park Vintage Festival, organized by
Steve Earle, the organizer of the Monterey Historics.  The club has
secured display parking, a corral, and discounted tickets(the club is
also contributing toward discounting gate tickets), as well as the
use of the grounds at the Wake Robin Inn for Sunday
afternoon+evening, including a very nice BBQ dinner, heavily
discounted in price by the club.  We have arranged it so that you
only need stay one night in the vicinity of the track.

Yes, we're running this on timetable that's been elevated juuuuust a
tad.  Yes, it has been a ton of hair pulling and running around like
chickens with heads cut off :-|, but the end result should be really
sweet :-)

Please see:

for full details, tickets, links to information about the festival
itself, etc; there have been a NUMBER of updates, changes, etc...some
pretty major.

Please do not reserve tickets unless you are serious about coming- we
have a hard limit on the number of tickets, and we wouldn't want
anyone to be unable to come because tickets were reserved in your
name and you don't use them.  We were going to do online payment, but
it just didn't work out- not enough time, and some logistical
problems, so we're going on the honor system instead of the "cash in
hand" system :-)

This should be a fantastic event; Obviously I'm biased, but I think
it'd be a great(and fairly inexpensive) way to spend the tail end of
Labor Day weekend, all things considered.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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