Quattro vs. Volvo AWD

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 22 00:37:43 EDT 2002

Can anyone opine on the quality, safety and
reliability of Volvo's AWD vs. Quatto or refer me to a
source for such?

My wife wants to replace her '87 740.  She's very
partial to Volvos (and gets tired of all the
maintenance I have to do to the 200Q) and I'm partial
to paying for safe handling in poor weather.  Volvo's
AWD sedan (S70) was first made in '99 so we're
wrestling with pursuing one of these vs. a slightly
older 2WD.

' appreciate any comments or references.


Ukiah, CA
91 200Q; 178K; still love it!

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