Check engine light flicker & difficult cold starts

Fri Aug 23 09:39:02 EDT 2002

Hi List,

My latest problem with my '95 S6 just occurred yesterday and I have no idea
about what is happening to my car so please clue me in.

Yesterday I drive to work in moderate rain, there is some water on the road
but not a lot. I notice that the check engine light flickers once I continue
to drive and five minutes later it flickers again..strange no power loss no
change in drivability so I end my 15 minute commute thinking that there are
no problems.
Wrong..Go to start the car 4 hours later...crank crank no start...finally
after 10 minutes it starts..this happens again at six o'clock when I'm
getting ready to leave work. Drive my car to my wrenches garage so it can be
scanned this morning, but just to see what will happen I turn the ignition
before I leave the mechanics lot and sure enough it starts right up...I'm
afraid that a scan will do nothing and that next time it rains I'll be hitch
I have a new alternator and a new battery and the car has driven about 800
miles the past week without power loss or elevated fuel consumption.
I have driven 20v's for a long time, but this reminds me of something my '83
GTI did when it had a bad day :(

1) Will the scanner tell me anything when the CE light just blinks?
2) Could I have faulty ignition wires?
3) Could there be a bad ground somewhere?
4) What could cause this to happen?

Your $0.02 or 0.02euros (Keith) would be appreciated.

Best regards,

Shawn Olsen

'95 S6 MTM
'91 200q20v
'96 A4 2.8q

Any advice will be appreciated (so would a donation $)

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