Hi Again - '91 Avant being stripped

Freed, David (Exchange) dfreed at bear.com
Fri Aug 23 10:01:23 EDT 2002

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With the demise of my recent '91 200q20v Avant and summer vacation I've been
off the list for the last month.

I've just purchased a replacement car, a '90 Coupe 20v in Pearl White with
Blue interior and 100,000 miles.  It seems to be in very good condition.  I
know the first question I hear is "am I going to install the turbo motor
from the Avant?".  My 17 year old daughter is going to be a 50% driver, so
I'd be crazy to give her a 280HP Coupe.  I may keep the 3 good wheels (not
sure) but the motor, MTM chipped ECU, almost perfect grey (non-Sport)
interior and the whole carcass are for sale.  I've had several people
indicate a desire for some parts (I'll be trying to contact them over the
next week) but I'm notifying everyone that I want to clear the driveway in
the next couple weeks.  Let the circling vultures dive in for a meal of much
needed parts.  And I hope the Coupe becomes as enjoyable and reliable as the
'93 S4.

Dave Freed  '93 S4, '90 Coupe 20v, '91 200 TQA(parts for sale)

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