Quattro vs. Volvo AWD

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I own a 91 200 20v with mods as my daily driver.  Wife drives a 99 V70
X-C...low pressure turbo, AWD, etc.  We live in Wisconsin, way the heck out
in the country.  The Volvo has 80K on it, with tie-rods just replaced (we
took it to an ice racing course last year, heavily contributing to this
problem).  All in all, the Volvo has been a great, general purpose,
reliable, BORING, vehicle.  It CAN trounce SUV's, but the fun factor is no
way up there with the 20v.  That said, I've driven A4 and A6 Avants, and
they also are BORING...only the S stuff is really fun, but out of my price
range.  A new V70 XC is about 34k after rebates, while the Audi approaches
40K.  Now as far as hypothetical winter driving goes, the Audi is
technically superior.  As far as real world winter driving, the Volvo wins
hands down as it has far more ground clearance, narrower tires, and better
heating.  (as an aside, the Audi 5k with locking difs was my favorite!)
When I HAVE to go somewhere in -10 below snowy weather, the Volvo gets the


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Can anyone opine on the quality, safety and
reliability of Volvo's AWD vs. Quatto or refer me to a
source for such?

My wife wants to replace her '87 740.  She's very
partial to Volvos (and gets tired of all the
maintenance I have to do to the 200Q) and I'm partial
to paying for safe handling in poor weather.  Volvo's
AWD sedan (S70) was first made in '99 so we're
wrestling with pursuing one of these vs. a slightly
older 2WD.

' appreciate any comments or references.


Ukiah, CA
91 200Q; 178K; still love it!

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