A/C-Heater blower motor fix

Steven Hauptmann hauptmanns at MAIL.LLR.STATE.SC.US
Fri Aug 23 15:01:48 EDT 2002

Congratulations on your acquisition of a wonderful car.

I replaced my blower motor when I did the heater core, so my box was already
out. This is the way Bentley says it must be done, however...
I seem to remember posts where the blower can be changed WITHOUT removing
the housing, so check the archives. I've heard it's tricky (a friend w/ a
5ktq did it), and may require some force to get it out...but I know it can
been done.

Good luck,
Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina, USA
'91 200 20v 148,000miles

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I now have my Bentley manuals so I can attack some of my gremlins. First
is the blower motor, it only works on quick exits off the freeway ( not
enough of these!!!). From what I have read this means that the bearings
or the brushs are bad. Where does some one get the brushes? Or is it
just better to put in a new blower motor. HAs any one documented these
chore on line?

New owner
91 TQ 20v Avant

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