A/C-Heater blower motor fix

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Fri Aug 23 12:28:08 EDT 2002


I have replaced the brushes in two 44 chassis cars, a 5KQT and 200-20V.
The big PITA is the R &R of the heater box containing the heater core and
the blower.  Bentley covers this pretty well in a superficial manner.
The first time it takes about a day each side of the blower repair for the
R & R.  Requires lots of cursing and beer.

Order the brushes and have them on hand before you start the job.
The brushes are 5/16"sq. x .5"lg. w/1" lead.  I found them in 6/'96 at
Helwig Carbon Co. in NYC 414-354-2411.  Their part #52H, about $1.25 each.

Have fun!


> From: Chuck Pierce <cpcycle at deltafreewheeler.com>
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> Subject: A/C-Heater blower motor fix
> I now have my Bentley manuals so I can attack some of my gremlins. First
> is the blower motor, it only works on quick exits off the freeway ( not
> enough of these!!!). From what I have read this means that the bearings
> or the brushs are bad. Where does some one get the brushes? Or is it
> just better to put in a new blower motor. HAs any one documented these
> chore on line?
> Chuck
> New owner
> 91 TQ 20v Avant
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