emergency: need UFO-compatible wheels in Boston area for 4-5 days

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri Aug 23 15:40:45 EDT 2002


My Ronals bent even worse than they had a few weeks ago...when I
pounded them back the night of Watkins Glen #1(with the help of
Chris), we apparently weakened the rim even further.  It bent back in
exactly the same spot.

I took the rim to Rim Pro up in Tewskbury- great guys, knew their
stuff...warned me there was a good chance the rim would crack.  It

So now I have 3 useable Ronal R28's and four 245/35/17(or 235/45's, I
can never remember which) tires.  Rim Pro guys were great- they were
very apologetic, their policy is no charge whatsoever if it the rim
breaks, and they also called a bunch of places looking for a
replacement rim.  Unfortunately, my style+size is on 4 month back

Normally this wouldn't be more than a hassle and an unwanted
expenditure, but I committed to crewing for the upcoming Watkins Glen
#2 event, which I was going to leave for Saturday lunchtime.

I have the factory rims- but they've got Hakka Q's and Watkins is
over 1000 miles round trip.  They'd be destroyed by the time I got
home...say goodbye to $400 :-(

If anyone has a set of rims w/tires on them that will fit under
UFOs(any S-car wheel will work inc S4tt; at least one of the A6 sport
wheels fits, and most 5x112 16"-17" aftermarket rims should fit as
well I believe; offset is 35.  100 or 200 10v wheels will not fit) I
would be enormously thankful if I could borrow them until about
Wednesday- they will NOT see track time, I am ONLY crewing.

I will pick up and drop off, of course- and they'll be returned to
you sparkling clean+waxed along with a check good enough for at least
a 6-pack or two for your trouble.  I'm currently in Wayland, MA,
about 30 mi west of Boston, and could make it up to about an hour and
a half in any direction.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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