A/C-Heater blower motor fix

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri Aug 23 21:04:19 EDT 2002

You can do the "steak knife" procedure WITHOUT cutting anything.

I used two two-foot lengths of 1 X 2 Oak as my pry bars.

At 02:49 PM 06/23/2002 -0400, Peter Schulz wrote:

>Steve is referring to the "steak knife method" employed by 5k owners...
>pjrose at frontiernet.net writes:
> > So, what trick(s) am I missing (never mind steak knives)?  What's the best
> >  tool/way to pry up on the blower box. Using a Wonder Bar was suggested
> by a
> >  friend, (but mine's gone missing). Is my problem the fact that the
> interior
> >  duct connections must be pulled free _before_ the blower box is able to
> >  loosen at all?
> >
> >  Phil
>"Blower Motor Replacement: Quick and Dirty method
>      One quick method used to replace the blower motor involves cutting out
>the short piece of duct work between the A/C evaporator housing and the
>      housing. There are three screws that hold the blower inlet cover on, one
>is underneath below and out of sight. Then the strap holding the
>heater/blower housing is
>      loosened, the E clip on the end of the blower motor housing is removed
>as well as the blower electrical connector. A large pry bar is used
>(carefully) to raise up
>      the heater/blower housing enough to allow the blower motor/fan to be
>pulled (yanked?) out and replaced. This is kind of a brute force method but
>it does work.
>At 11:32 AM 8/23/2002 -0700, you wrote:
> >Steve, I believe that yours is wrong advice, having done two.  The blower
> >can not be removed without first removing the heater air box from the car.
> >
> >Bernie
> >
> >> From: Steven Hauptmann <hauptmanns at MAIL.LLR.STATE.SC.US>
> >>
> >> Chuck,
> >> Congratulations on your acquisition of a wonderful car.
> >>
> >> I replaced my blower motor when I did the heater core, so my box was
> already
> >> out. This is the way Bentley says it must be done, however...
> >> I seem to remember posts where the blower can be changed WITHOUT removing
> >> the housing, so check the archives. I've heard it's tricky (a friend w/ a
> >> 5ktq did it), and may require some force to get it out...but I know it can
> >> been done.
> >>
> >> Good luck,
> >> Steve Hauptmann
> >> South Carolina, USA
> >> '91 200 20v 148,000miles
> >
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