Wife's '91 200q finally going to rehab

Gaidos, A. agaidos at got.net
Sat Aug 24 08:39:12 EDT 2002

 I have finally convinced my wife that fixing up her '91 200q is a better,
more cost efficient path then the BMW she thinks she wants. She's gone
around and around about whether to sell this car
http://gaidos.got.net/Carol's/audi_pics/index.htm but I put that to a rest
when I told her I'm not buying her a new car.
 The list of work is long and I finally elected to have M&M Audi in
Campbell, Ca. do it. I simply have too many other things to do and honestly,
I've been playing around with my Jeep lately (anyone have a favorite
suspension kit). So I'm paying someone else.
 The car is getting new brakes (Reman UFOs, new pads), brake fluid flush, 4
Boge Progas struts, control arm bushings, A/C recharge, new Climate control
head, coolant flush, sunroof fixed, turbo bypass valve replaced, green gold
leak fixed, rear seat heaters fixed, oil change, overall inspection, tires
and an aftermarket stereo/CD player. Oh yeah, and we're having the Bose rear
speaker recall done too. After all this, if she's still unhappy with the car
I'll take it, chip it, enjoy it but she takes the Swedish American Princess
license plate frame.
 If everything works out and we're pleased with their work I'll drop off my
90q20v for a 120k mile service, brake fluid flush, A/C recharge and to fix
the passanger side window regulator.
 So, what am I really doing when I could be doing this act of love myself?
Landscaping and painting the house...........

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