Wife's '91 200q finally going to rehab

Martin Kuetzing martinkuetzing at worldnet.att.net
Sat Aug 24 16:06:06 EDT 2002

Hey Anton,

Nice photos & website!

Your photos fueled a few observations, though!


We both live in California.
We each have a 1991 Audi, 200q20v in Bamboo Metallic; here's mine:
We each have a Swedish-speaking Scandinavian-born wife.
We each have a young son.


You're in Northern-, I'm in Southern-California
The 200q20v in your household is your wife's; in our's it's mine!
I have Euro-lights.
Most of the upgrades you're planning, I've already done.
And, most importantly, even with a camera in one hand AND a winning
Lotto-ticket in the other:

	There's no way my wife is going to be allowed to get on the trunk wearing
jeans (even if she's wearing pumps)!



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