Eurolamp P/Ns?

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Tue Aug 27 14:04:29 EDT 2002

I ran into my spare euro lenses over the weekend which
have the Bosch P/Ns on their boxes in addition to the
VW/Audi P/Ns, so here's an addendum to Peer's post:

Ukiah, CA

(I got mine from VM Autohaus in BC.  They're in the parts suppliers list.)


Chrisellenhem at writes:
>Anybody know the P/Ns for the Euro-lamps lenses &

For left hand driven cars:

     VW/Audi P/Ns                 Bosch P/Ns
Left lense: 447 941 115         1 305 620 581
Right lense: 447 941 116        1 305 620 582

What do you mean by side reflectors? The thing next to
the lenses?

Left 447 941 625
Right 447 941 626



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