blown front speaker

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Wed Aug 28 02:01:14 EDT 2002

I repaired my front-left in Spring.  I followed
Brett's document that he posted references to earlier
this year (Feb or March?) and everything worked out
fine.  ' replaced all the electrolytic capacitors for
under $10.00 net in parts plus a tube of shoe goo (?)
and voila, it's worked fine since.  (Actually, it
didn't work the first time; I had to resolder all
their leads on the top side of the board after
initially soldering only the bottom side; then it
worked fine.)  I used a relative's soldering iron
that's designed for PC board work as I don't have one.

See Brett's posts back then ... or exchange the
assembly at a dealer for a few hundred dollars.

I bought several sets of extra parts from Digikey
(quantity discounts were significant for surprisingly
small quantities) so if you want a set (and a copy of
Brett's writeup with edits I still owe him, and some
extra interfacing if you shred some of yours, etc.)
let me know offline.

Ukiah, CA


... front door speaker assembly.  Anybody replaced
this recently?

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