NE USA: upcoming NEQ events need more people!

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Aug 28 15:35:27 EDT 2002

Hi folks,

The NEQ has two events coming up that are both in dire need of more

The first is the Labor Day weekend Vintage Festival social.  There is
a lot of information here:
Ticket prices are very reasonable, discounted heavily...and the event
is one of Lime Rock's largest, making it on par with the Monterey
Historics.  If you are interested, please email me -immediately-...we
were doing pre-registration only, but we'll work something out.  At
this point, its not the money the club is concerned about, our
liability isn't that big- its more that the Inn has food on the way
for 40 people...

Event number two is at NHIS(New Hampshire International Speedway),
one of our driver safety schools.  These events are a total blast-
running Pit Out at Watkins Glen Sunday+Monday, I saw a lot of smiles,
and we had a lot of students thanking instructors, crew, etc...lots
of folks had a fantastic time.  Currently, the NHIS event lacks
enough registered people to go through, so if you are on the line or
thinking about it, please register for the event ASAP and email the
eventmaster to let him know your registration is on the way.  More
information on the NHIS event is available at the club website,, towards the bottom of the 2002 event schedule.

Note- at all our track events we welcome people to come and check out
things and catch rides with instructors in their cars(we ask for a
small donation to charity, and you must sign the track+club waivers
etc.)  There are probably a number of people who are kind of nervous
about this sort of thing, or curious- coming to the event and talking
to instructors, students, etc is a great way to get a sense of the
event.  If you'd like, email myself or the eventmaster and say hello,
you'd like to come check out the event, etc...

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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