UPdate on My "new" 91TQ 20v Avant

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Wed Aug 28 16:13:11 EDT 2002

I agree with Phil. It helps to have a skinny arm to reach the  rack bolt,
and even with lubrication on my arm, I ended up with scrapes and scars on my
arm for awhile. Quick price scan shows 100 bucks from

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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> Chuck,
> Welcome to the list.
> What/where did you buy to replace your cats?
> As for the high pressure hose to the steering rack, you might want to
> check out my photos in Chris Miller's web site
> (http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/steer.html#Hoses). It is a
> difficult job, but obviously do-able. Removing the hydraulic
> reservoir (including bracket) is necessary to gain access. Requires
> great patience to reach and undo the banjo bolt at the far end of
> that hose. That part of the job requires hundreds of partial
> bolt-turns until it's out. Getting the bolt re-started after
> replacing the hose was the most difficult thing--for my large hands.
> I have my wife's slender digits to thank for reaching in and getting
> that bolt threaded. Torquing that bolt to specs is also
> illustrated--using a 40"-long cheater pipe into which I've inserted a
> 19 mm open-end wrench (modified by cutting off its "other" end so it
> could slide into the pipe).
> The oem hose costs about $150 at The Parts Connection. Others say you
> can get by with having your hose rebuilt at a competent hydraulics
> shop--but you must be willing to risk that it might still leak or
> make a lot of noise. This is one job I absolutely wouldn't want to
> re-do because I tried to save $60-70 on parts.
> Phil
> P.S. You might want to consider something other than "'91TQ 20V" to
> describe your car (look at the name of this list, for example).   For
> one thing, your designation fails to indicate that it's a 200 model.
> Also, since _all_ Audi 200s have turbocharged engines, the "T" is
> redundant, especially when used on this list. Perhaps something along
> the lines of: '91 200q Avant, '91 200qw ("w" for wagon"), etc....
> At 8:16 AM -0700 8/28/02, Chuck Pierce wrote:
> >At last report I was screaming I need to install two new cats, since it
> >had failed smog twice. Well with two new cats it will not ruin the
> >Calif. air any more, got the clean bill of health yesterday. ONe of the
> >cats was pluged about 60% and the other about 40% ( think it will run
> >any better?) While in for tune up my mech. found that the drain plug was
> >loose and leaking, seems some where in the cars previous life some moron
> >had lost the original drain plug and replaced it with one the wrong
> >diameter (25mm vs 26m). I was scared to death I was going to have to
> >replace the oil pan.
> >Now on to the leaking high pressure hose for the power steering and the
> >spastic oil warning light. THese come before a laundry list of grips
> >that we noted on the 24hr drive from Tulsa,OK .
> >I figure the car is a two year project to get it where I want it, most
> >of this is just waiting for the funds for the project.
> >Thanks for the input from the folks on the list
> >
> >Chuck Pierce
> >91TQ 20v Avant ( getting better )
> >
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