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>  Now that I've got the new UFOs in place with rebuilt calipers the car is =
>stopping great and there's a HUGE difference in pedal feel.  I'm looking fo=
>r some springs that will lower my car.  I've heard the Bilsteins actually r=
>aise the rear of the car, and i'd rather not go that route.  Are there any =
>other performance spring-shock combinations that will give me the lower, mo=
>re agressive look that I'm looking for?
>Thanks Much,
>Adam Chinchiolo
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Bilstein HDs ( high pressure gas charged) struts will slightly raise the front and rear when compared to the stock Boges.

Bilstein Sports and Eibach Pro kit 1529.140 which actually lower the rear of the car more than the front unless you either use a spacer on the rear strut perch or have an additional groove machined into the rear strut body



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