Hard starting when warm (again)

Ed Kellock ekellock at juno.com
Wed Aug 28 22:16:28 EDT 2002

Both injectors and the fuel pump check valve have
been known to cause difficult warm starts.  The heat
causes them to leak down and the pressure is then
insufficient to start until it you crank it for a while and
build pressure.

On Wed, 28 Aug 2002 21:37:32 +0200 Eyvind Spangen
<eyvind.spangen at c2i.net> writes:
> I have a problem with starting my 200q20v. It starts fine when it's
> hot or cold, but needs at least 10 seconds of cranking when warm.
> Somebody suggested injectors, but wouldn't that give a problem when
> cold too?
> Somebody else suggested the ECU temperature sensor, can it be
> possible?
> Any other tips?
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> E. Spangen
> '89 Audi 80 2.0E quattro
> ('90 Audi 200TQ20v - garasjedronning)
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