Visible Exhaust Smoke- Flunked Emissions

Sullivan, Alan alan.sullivan at
Thu Aug 29 09:10:15 EDT 2002

My 91 200 TQ just flunked the VA emissions inspection for visible smoke.
With 156,000 miles on the car, I'm facing a fix-or-dump decision.

Car runs well and has been serviced with Mobil 1 from 28,000 miles when I
bought it, changed at 7,500 mile intervals.  Turbo boosts up to 1.7 BAR.
Smoke is evident only after the car has idled for a bit; exhaust is clear
after normal driving.

Engine has usual oil weeps around the cylinder head area, but these have not
changed materially in four or five years and are so insignificant that there
is no oil spotting under the car.

I have noticed some increase in oil consumption from almost nil to about one
quart every five thousand miles -- still quite moderate.

Before I turn it over to a shop for compression/leakdown checks or whatever,
are there any 200 TQ- eccentricities relating to oil consumption that I may
check beforehand?

Thanks to all,


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