[V8] Wierd Electrical Problem

Ingo D. Rautenberg ingo at waratap.com
Thu Aug 29 13:28:06 EDT 2002

Great, this is one of those cases where I wish I wasn't so special (5%).
I'm leaning towards a bad contact in the combo switch or wiring/ connector
at the connector for the combo switch.  Just how I'm, going to figure out
which lead is which will be the real challenge, unless they kept the color
code of the wire from the trunk to the connector (here's hoping).  Won't get
a chance to work on it 'til tomorrow night.


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> Test:
> turn parking lights on before inserting key.  dash lights on?  IF YES, you
> have a short in the rear trunk hinge wiring, a bad glove box light/switch,
> hi resistance on the license plate lamps.  IF NO>  you most likely have a
> fuse, or wiring to the dash is bad.
> The "YES" covers 95% of the t44 chassis dash light problems I've seen in
> shop.
> Scott Justusson
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