UFO rotor prices

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Fri Aug 30 07:25:32 EDT 2002

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Thanks Scott and everyone else. What I'm doing (my kids ride in this car) is
looking for a lower price for the rotors myself, i.e. Rod at The Parts
Connection. I'll have them shipped to the shop and put on the car.
 This is an old car with many things that have worn out that I am having
repaired or replaced. It didn't surprise me when they said the rotors were
below min spec. It was the price that blew my mine cause 3 weeks ago the
same shop said they can get reman UFOs for like $150. Suddenly that cost had
more then doubled.
 Thanks again,
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  Yo Bernie:
  I'm not with you on this thread.  If you aren't there with a set of
calipers, "designed to sell a rotor" is an easy statement.  IME, if they are
below min spec, a good shop SHOULD be selling you a set of rotors.
"Practical" min spec, refers to a customer that doesn't want to buy new
rotors now.  IME2, a good auto/machine shop shouldn't be cutting rotors that
are below min spec.  So, by the looks of things, this guy's shop is willing
to put a new set of pads on rotors out of spec.  That's quite reasonable,
and discounts your "sell" argument.

  Your advice is free, but I'm thinking Anton got most reasonable service
here.  Anton, keep a sharp eye out for stress cracking, new pads on rotors
below min spec could very well mean your rotors will fail before your next
pad change.

  Scott Justusson
  QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
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  Stock answer!  No such thing, a practial min spec, IMO.  The cooling slots
  wern't showing thru the active rotor area were they, like with slotted


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  > Subject: RE: UFO rotor prices
  > Said rotors are below minimum spec. They did offer to put on new pads
  > said they might be a bit noisy due to soe groves.
  > Anton
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  > The first question is: What is worng with is with the old rotors?
  > their answer to be designed to sell new rotors.
  > Bernie


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