Wierd Electrical Problem

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Fri Aug 30 10:13:51 EDT 2002

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From: "Steve Crosbie" <scrosbie at integraonline.com>

>     Weird #2 - Just got the 200 back from its LM Bose amp recall and the
> radio sounds much better.

Same thing here - just had the LM done and radio sounds much better. I
didn't think it sounded that bad before.

Another thing - mine is in the shop now to get a minor ding fixed on the
rear 1/4 panel. They pulled the trim piece of the back as part of the repair
and found some rust under it. Speculation is dissimilar metals is the cause.
Might be something to check for.

mike miller
hekmville mt

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