further euro light developments

jim catterson termite at rocketmail.com
Fri Aug 30 15:59:10 EDT 2002

a bunc of fellow listers have sent me emails on this so here goes:
have emailed my finnish friend and he will work on getting a few more
sets.  mine worked out to $240 including shipping from finland to ny
via air freight [instead of old slow ex soviet freighter that takes 2
months] which is supposed to take a week.  if i buy a few sets from
him,  the shipping cost would be less if they are all shipped to me and
then i send them out from here.  i swore to myself that i would never
do a group buy again but i am new to this list and figure that i might
as well pay some dues here.

 the lights are USED but everything that my friend has sent me for my
corrado has been fully acceptable for the price.  the parts that he has
sent have all been in very good used condition w/ no cracks, excessive
pitting, or scratches.  sure beats $300 or so each for new!  if you are
firm in your desire for a set [and have the $$ in paypal or money
order],  let me know and i will set this up.  i will not make a dime
off of this,  just doing it to help out the listees and my finnish pal...

jim catterson

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