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Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 1 01:00:37 EST 2002

I changed to M1 (10W-40?) at around the same mileage
(125K) and had no problems.  Consumption was odd for
the first change or two but settled down to the same
it was before (~1qt/3K).  I just turned 180K.

I run it 15K ... well, I used to when I was putting on
3K/mo.  I've been putting on only ~1K/mo. the last few
years so at the 180K change last week it was lookin'
verrry black.  I think I forgot to change the filter
at the 7.5K mark this time.  Anyway, I think I'll
change to "15K or 12mo., whichever is 1st", and
continue with Audi filters at 7.5K.

BTW, ' last time I bought M1 (>2 years ago) was in 5
qt. jugs at Walmart for $15.xx/jug; that was a hair
over $3.00/qt; what a deal!  I had to ask for it then;
it wasn't out on the shelves so they had to grab it
from the stockroom.  ' don't know if they still carry
it in jugs but that was the lowest price I found by

I think they carried it down to 5W-something so for
winter that would be adequate.  Check out the party
line at < www.Mobil1.com/index.jsp >.

Re: drain plugs, ~ 3 years ago I found a replacement
with a hex head ~ 24mm that's virtually unstrippable
vs. that 17mm head on the stock plug.  Unfortunately
when I went to tell the list about it soon thereafter,
the company had stopped making them.  They were made
for older Mercedes, maybe from the 70s, so a Mercedes
parts dealer might be able to get them.  If I ever run
into them again I'll let the list know.  Note that the
correct torque for the drain plug is only ...
22ft.lbs. I think.

Good luck with the changeover,

Ukiah, CA


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