Timing being pulled back? With links to the graphs

Brian Link BrianL at starsys.com
Mon Dec 2 11:40:11 EST 2002


What is a good way to check to see if my timing is getting pulled back
during boost?  Also what boost levels are others making on pump gas?

I'm using the street dyno software which shows my car making lots of
power in second gear.  In third gear, where I hold the most boost the
longest (~22 psi which drops down to 18 psi at redline), I can see in
the hp/torque graph a dip where I think the computer is pulling back
timing.  Is there a easy way to data log timing?  Does the VAG-COM
software do this?

Here is my 2nd gear run:  Looks good, making lots of power...

Here is my third gear run...at about 3800 rpm my torque in green takes a
dip that I don't see in the second gear run.   I think it is timing,
because this is max boost.  I will try adding a few gallons of racing
fuel and re-test to see if it changes.  Thoughts?


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