[s-cars] Wanted to borrow: Turbo 20V head

Robert Pastore rpastore at animalfeeds.com
Mon Dec 2 23:10:26 EST 2002


I've got a used AAN head inbound from Germany, but won't expect it until
late January.
I think there's another issue -- the 7a casting may not have the mounting
boss (w/mounting holes drilled) for the cam position sensor on the AAN.  Are
you aware of this? Can you confirm whether this is a problem or not?

Best regards,
Bob  (Headless in NJ)

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20V listers,

I would like to borrow for a week or two, a 3B, AAN, or ADU loose and
stripped (valves in place, OK) head for measurement purposes.  I wish to
quantify the hole locations for the exit water manifold used on these
engines, over and above that of the 7A.  The ultimate purpose is to be able
to easily machine these additional holes into a 7A head, thus making the 7A
useable as a replacement head for any of the above turbo systems.

The measurements would be performed with the head positioned, intake surface
up, on a mill table and, using the mill's digital position readout
capabilities, accurately determine hole center locations relative to the 3
water manifold bolt holes common to all 20V heads.  The resultant machining
instructions will be posted for all.

Anyone have a spare head lying around?  West Coast location preferred.
Any better ideas out there?


Bernie Benz
Gardnerville, NV

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'91 200Q-20V 155K (Not relishing a tear down for this task)
Ford "Quatro" Tractor
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