Upcoming California trip advice (sorry, no Audi content)

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 2 21:50:10 EST 2002

Welcome to California Ingo

The drive up Hwy 1 is not the quickest way up to SF.. I realize you
would like to take the scenic route. From San Luis Opispo to Monterey on
Hwy 1  takes forever. What you might try doing is go up  Hwy 101 and cut
over to the coast at Monterey or Santa Cruz and follow up the coast to
Half Moon Bay and then cut back over to 101 or 280. Try to get out LA
and  drive as far up 101 as you can that first day ( Watsonville ), THen
get an early start and go over to the coast. Watsonville to Sf is about
2 1/2 hrs on the freeway, I would allow 6 hrs to enjoy the coast.
Hope this helps

Ingo D. Rautenberg wrote:

>Hello all,
>I will be flying into Los Angeles next week for meetings on Wednesday and
>I have to be in LA on Wednesday, Dec 11th for an afternoon meeting and in SF
>on Thursday afternoon, Dec 12th.  I know most Californians would fly, but
>I'd like to drive between the two cities.
>I was thinking of driving from LA to SF on highway 1, but would appreciate
>any recommendations you have.  Maybe I could visit with a lister or two?
>(like you haven't spent enough time with family this past weekend ;-)
>Ingo in snowy Michigan
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