Timing being pulled back? With links to the graphs

Claus Vegener vegener at post7.tele.dk
Tue Dec 3 11:14:19 EST 2002

I have a timing retard from a dyno run
on a very hot day here:


Claus Vegener
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Subject: Timing being pulled back? With links to the graphs

> Gang,
> What is a good way to check to see if my timing is getting pulled back
> during boost?  Also what boost levels are others making on pump gas?
> I'm using the street dyno software which shows my car making lots of
> power in second gear.  In third gear, where I hold the most boost the
> longest (~22 psi which drops down to 18 psi at redline), I can see in
> the hp/torque graph a dip where I think the computer is pulling back
> timing.  Is there a easy way to data log timing?  Does the VAG-COM
> software do this?
> Here is my 2nd gear run:  Looks good, making lots of power...
> http://www.geocities.com/brian_link2002/2nd_gear.jpg
> Here is my third gear run...at about 3800 rpm my torque in green takes a
> dip that I don't see in the second gear run.   I think it is timing,
> because this is max boost.  I will try adding a few gallons of racing
> fuel and re-test to see if it changes.  Thoughts?
> http://www.geocities.com/brian_link2002/3rd_gear.jpg
> Thanks
> Brian
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