Upcoming California trip advice

Tom Mullane tmullane at snet.net
Tue Dec 3 07:56:32 EST 2002

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I just did this drive a few months ago.  It is worth the extra time.  We fl=
ew into LAX, rented a car (Chevy), and drove to Santa Barbara.  We stayed w=
ith my brother a few days, then continued on to San Francisco.  I have thre=
e pieces of advice: (1)don't try it in one day (but two days is plenty), (2=
)if you are planning a stop at Hurst Castle, allow half a day (the only acc=
ess is via long tours), and (3)stop at Carmel and check out Pebble Beach Go=
lf Course.

Enjoy your trip.


I was thinking of driving from LA to SF on highway 1, but would appreciate
any recommendations you have.  Maybe I could visit with a lister or two?
(like you haven't spent enough time with family this past weekend ;-)


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