[s-cars] Wanted to borrow: Turbo 20V head

mlp qwest mlped at qwest.net
Tue Dec 3 08:18:26 EST 2002

The missing mounting boss, I'm told, isn't an insurmountable problem.
A "patch" can be machined & fitted to the head for the cam position sensor.

I actually have one sitting in the garage if you'd like a photo, along side
the  "standard" OEM head mount.

OTOH, I'd have to say its never been in a car to verify the correct location
& operation of the sensor.


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~From: s-car-list On Behalf Of Robert Pastore
~I've got a used AAN head inbound from Germany, but won't expect it until
~late January.
~I think there's another issue -- the 7a casting may not have the mounting
~boss (w/mounting holes drilled) for the cam position sensor on the
~AAN.  Are
~you aware of this? Can you confirm whether this is a problem or not?
~Best regards,
~Bob  (Headless in NJ)

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