Out of town and in trouble,,

Donna donna at powerlytix.com
Tue Dec 3 21:22:31 EST 2002

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Hi list,

I've been an audifans member for a couple years, but mostly (posted only
twice I think) as an observer/lurker trying to learn more about these
cars we like.  I've had the courage to do small nontech projects but am
very much intimidated by the electronics.  We live in Salem, Or. and
have traveled to Spokane, Wa. for turkey day with family & friends.
Anyway - yesterday, while enroute I noticed the boost seemed sluggish
(only showed 1.2 bar on indash gauge) and when passing it wouldn't
downshift.  We were loaded more than usual with 4 adults, 1 preschooler
(my granddaughter) and luggage for 3 days and I knew this had nothing to
do with the trans not downshifting, but I thought that may have
something to do with the poor mileage the indash monitor was telling me.
Typically we get 23 to 24 on the highway but monitor was reading 18.9
and decreasing. When we arrived in Spokane (about 400 miles from Salem)
the monitor was reading 15.8 mpg and it wouldn't idle. I had to flick
into neutral at traffic lights and keep the idle above 1200 or it would
die.  We had the ISV replaced a year ago and have had no problem with
idle since. I have been reviewing Chris Miller and Scott Mochry's sites
trying to zero in on what's going on.  I had hopes that I could somehow
make the return trip, get everyone back home and get the car in to a
shop in Salem for repair,, but I am doubtful this will be possible.  Is
there a chance that someone may know of a shop or "fair" mechanic in the
Spokane area ??  I think I can drive it but haven't went outside to
start this am.

Thanks for any replies  :o]
John Zimmerman

I'll check in the Spokane / Coeur d'Lane phone books and start making
calls,, maybe I'll get lucky and stumble on someone who is willing to
take a look and possibly get is "patched" enough to get back home.  ??

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