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Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 4 11:17:56 EST 2002

On 12/03/2002 21:22, a magic fairy told Donna at donna at powerlytix.com to

Call Barry at DAS  509.624.4107.  His shop is way beyond fair.  Bud the lead
wrench is GREAT.

I hth,


BTW, tell them I told you to call.

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> Hi list,
> I've been an audifans member for a couple years, but mostly (posted only
> twice I think) as an observer/lurker trying to learn more about these
> cars we like.  I've had the courage to do small nontech projects but am
> very much intimidated by the electronics.  We live in Salem, Or. and
> have traveled to Spokane, Wa. for turkey day with family & friends.
> Anyway - yesterday, while enroute I noticed the boost seemed sluggish
> (only showed 1.2 bar on indash gauge) and when passing it wouldn't
> downshift.  We were loaded more than usual with 4 adults, 1 preschooler
> (my granddaughter) and luggage for 3 days and I knew this had nothing to
> do with the trans not downshifting, but I thought that may have
> something to do with the poor mileage the indash monitor was telling me.
> Typically we get 23 to 24 on the highway but monitor was reading 18.9
> and decreasing. When we arrived in Spokane (about 400 miles from Salem)
> the monitor was reading 15.8 mpg and it wouldn't idle. I had to flick
> into neutral at traffic lights and keep the idle above 1200 or it would
> die.  We had the ISV replaced a year ago and have had no problem with
> idle since. I have been reviewing Chris Miller and Scott Mochry's sites
> trying to zero in on what's going on.  I had hopes that I could somehow
> make the return trip, get everyone back home and get the car in to a
> shop in Salem for repair,, but I am doubtful this will be possible.  Is
> there a chance that someone may know of a shop or "fair" mechanic in the
> Spokane area ??  I think I can drive it but haven't went outside to
> start this am.
> Thanks for any replies  :o]
> John Zimmerman
> I'll check in the Spokane / Coeur d'Lane phone books and start making
> calls,, maybe I'll get lucky and stumble on someone who is willing to
> take a look and possibly get is "patched" enough to get back home.  ??
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