Timing being pulled back? With links to the graphs

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IA stage V is for RS2 injectors and RS2 MAF.
If you only have the problem at WOT you might try to adjust
the fuel pressure from 44 psi idle to 40.
have a adjustable regulator and it fits in the original place
(if your hands are not toooo big)
The methods of press the regulator in a wise is not reversible if you want more
and then regret
At WOT you have better go slight fat - but not so much, that the engine hesitate or
stumble reaching 5.000 rpm

BTW your street dyno is with SAE correction? The 200 20Vs are measured
at the wheels; but I don't know the program except from literature

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I didn't know about the MAF being used up to 4200 rpm then it goes off
fuel/timing maps.  I have an O2 meter and also I use a wideband o2 meter
for testing.  I installed the larger injectors (370 cc/min) @ 3bar
without much trouble.  It runs a little richer when in open loop, but
nothing terrible.  I see 12.4:1 during high boost (22 - 24 psi.  I might
have to talk to Ned at IA for a custom chip for RS2 injectors.


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I always use 98 octane even if I have to drive long way
to find it. (I have all DK 98 octane stations on my Garmin Streetpilot)
For competition - just to be safe because the engine gets hot - I use
the 98 + 30% of a ochtanebooster home brew of
using Xylene (117 ocht)
but at the same price I also use Sunoco 102+ to mix with.

The only events I had a timing delay was with the original engine 3B .
but worn - pumping oil through the breathe hose to turbo intake. The oil
mist decrease the octanerating and gives a temporary loose of maybe 50
Hp. And after the run oil was dripping out of the IC. After loosing some
runs for that reason, I installed a not-so-worn 3B (76.000 km) instead
of the 250.000 km.

The ECU uses only the MAF up to 4200 rpm. At boost and above the
dutycycles for fuel injectors is calculated based on rpm and boost.
(That's why the chips and injectors have to fit together and fuel
pressure) If one want to mesh with high boost, I advise to install a O2
meter just to follow what's happen. The signal can be taken from the
original but take care - the cord have a tinny shield outside the engine


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Now everyone is going to shim their wastegates down and disconnect the
WGFV :)   Clearly your car is doing fine at 22 - 23psi without
detonation.  Which doesn't make much sense to me.  How can our 9.3 : 1
compression engine not detonate at 22 - 23 psi on pump gas.  What fuel
do you use in Dk?   I am forced to run 91 octane with 10 - 15% ethanol
here in Colorado.  Do you know if your cut off was due to your MAF
signal maxing out?


>Yes Patrick
>That's my very own experience.
>Changing from k24 to G T04/50 and adjusting fuel pressure watching my
O2 readout - all other unchanged. 0-60 Mph from G-TechPro changed from
5.52 sec. to 4.96. The WG springloaded and not changed.
>I have a problem with the IA st. 4 running into over boost cutting my
fuel supply. My chips didn't >not have the falling slope as it should
from  24 (2.6 Bar abs) to 18. It stays stable until cut off >at 6.000
rpm. I have placed a dyno run together with
>a) original 220 (226 - my case) Hp and IA III with the
>timing retard before reaching 277 Hp
>b) Hp and Nm curves
>c) The flat boost not dropping but giving a serious  acceleration until
cut-off New pages are http://home7.inet.tele.dk/vegener/audi

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