Coolant in Carpets & Misc.

George Sidman sidman at
Thu Dec 5 09:16:11 EST 2002

Anybody have a good solution to antifreeze in the footwell carpets? I
have dried it all out, but short of tearing it all out to clean it, I
have not come up with a good method to clean it.

By the way, I replaced the distributor gear with the new bronze gear
last weekend. Not a job for the faint hearted. Absolutely could not
have done it without pulling up the intake manifold. The tamper-proof
bolt ground off in about three minutes. Then I discovered it is
screwed on. Cutting a slot in the bolt would have allowed unscrewing
it.  The old plastic gear teeth were worn razor sharp after only
240,000 miles, and while they were all intact upon removal, they came
apart in my hands. I cleaned up the intake manifold and the head, and
fixed a broken tee in the vacuum lines. Also replaced the crankcase
breather hose, and cleaned the related valves.

If I ever wondered whether on not it is worthwhile to use injector
cleaner, all concerns were dispelled when I found the intake manifold,
intake and injector ports, and the injector tips, spotlessly clean.

Upon starting the car ran rough as the computer and the engine dealt
with their dysfunctional codependencies. I pulled the engine fuses to
reboot the computer, and the car now runs extremely well. Many thanks
again to our stout fellows for getting the GP together on the bronze

Now to clean the carpets and replace the heater core. Also note that
the new Audi OEM core that I got from Rod at The Parts Connection for
$64 is much more robust and better built than the after market cores
for $49.
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