Cold Start (spark plugs?)

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Thu Dec 5 10:57:18 EST 2002

No lead on this as of yet.  One suspicion I have is maybe spark plugs as I
have no knowledge when they where changed last.  I know they've been around
at least, oh 65k miles.

Has anybody seen this to be a problem on these cars?  Talked to my local
mechanic; he said that spark plug gap, and spark plugs in general were a
bigger issue on older cars with more marginal ignition systems.  Input on
this?  Can anybody tell me what the gap is supposed to be on these
humdingers?  Isn't that what basically goes as the spark plug gets on in

Want to get at this problem with something more precise than a shotgun.  My
wallet doesn't warrant any less!

Derek P

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