Cold Start (spark plugs?)

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Dec 5 20:06:29 EST 2002

At 3:38 PM -0800 12/5/02, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>Couldn't remember the mileage changing interval on these.  I guess I got
>timing belt interval confused with spark plug interval.
>Noticed some oil/dust near the distributor, so I think I'll check the cap
>and rotor tonight to see the condition there.

Give a gander at the crankcase breather hose while you're there.

When it collapses, it causes oil/oil vapor to be forced into the
distributor.  Not causing your problem, but something to watch out

FYI, the 200q20v may be fussy about plugs, but it WILL start even if
things are pretty messed up.  I had a really trashed cap and rotor,
and the car was still running fine.

Also- I had trouble with my 200q20v under certain conditions, always
when cold; it would be fussy for about 15-20 seconds of running, as
if it were burning off some fuel that was lying around.  Almost
always when 40-50 and humid; I used to work in Boston right on the
fort point channel, and the lot was about 1000 yards from the harbor,
and I could tell when the car would give me trouble by how the air

Never figured it out.  I've had the problem since I bought the car,
and countless items that could have been the cause have been
replaced(there aren't many.)  My strong suspicion has always been on
the injectors.  Some day, they'll get sent in for an overhaul...

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