Cold Start (spark plugs?)

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Thu Dec 5 17:27:50 EST 2002


Thanks for the info, but btdt as in my last post.

And as further follow on, checked out sjm and figured that Scott calls the
valve in question a flow regulating valve.  From there now understand how it

So from there two more questions:

-anybody know how to check it, or...what vacuum pressure the large opening
is supposed to close at, and
-anybody in Seattle with a vacuum pump/meter that might want to lend a hand?

>Give a gander at the crankcase breather hose while you're there.
>When it collapses, it causes oil/oil vapor to be forced into the
>distributor.  Not causing your problem, but something to watch out for.
>Also- I had trouble with my 200q20v under certain conditions, always when
>cold; it would be fussy for about 15-20 seconds of running, as if it were
>burning off some fuel that was lying around.  Almost always when 40-50 and
>humid; I used to work in Boston right on the fort point channel, and the
>lot was about 1000 yards from the harbor, and I could tell when the car
>would give me trouble by how the air felt.
>Never figured it out.  I've had the problem since I bought the car, and
>countless items that could have been the cause have been replaced(there
>aren't many.)  My strong suspicion has always been on the injectors.  Some
>day, they'll get sent in for an overhaul...

Sounds like fun!

Maybe if I can get to the bottom of this, the info might spill over to your

derek p

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