Cold Start (spark plugs?), now crankcase breather system

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Thu Dec 5 20:34:22 EST 2002

I don't think oil should "pool" in the ribs of the Michelin Man hose.  An
oil coating is my understanding of "normal", but not so much that oil is
standing in the bottoms of the ribs in pools.

Normal excess pressure in the crankcase comes from interruption of the
normal outlet for that pressure, as in the collapsed  breather hose.  If
that hose is intact and not sucking in on itself, there would be some other
obstruction, wouldn't there?

At 05:03 PM 12/05/2002 -0800, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>Hey gang,
>Ok, so diging in, followed the lead of oil around the distributor and low
>and behold there was oil inside the cap, and hence a leaking distributor.
>As such, the cap and rotor are "less than optimum." IE, the contacts are
>looking UGLY!
>Going by Bernie's past assessment of "check out the crankcase breather
>system if your distributor is leaking," I am now doing that.  Bear in mind
>that the distributor in question is only about 35k old.
>The hose attached to the drivers side of the block (the one that usually
>collapses) is in fine shape as it was replaced at that "35k miles ago" as
>well.  The system has no leaks and is attached at both ends (ie block and
>cold side of turbo outlet).  The only thing I don't understand is the valve
>looking jobber with a 90deg. bend, located under the metal intake hose (part
>number 034 129 101A).  What does this thing do, and could it be gumming the
>And then two more questions:  given the above anything else to look for as
>to why I'm seeing oil coming out of the distributor, and does anybody know
>who currently has the "correct" rotor available for our cars?  I did note
>oil pooled in the ribs of the top accordian hose, which I have been told is
>normal, but how much is normal?
>What now?  I can replace the cap and rotor, but that's not going to prevent
>it from happening again given our "mechanism of injury?"
>Derek Pulvino
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