Cold Start (spark plugs?) and cranckase breather system

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Fri Dec 6 21:29:39 EST 2002


The valve is installed correctly, I did notice that.

and from Kneale...
"I don't think oil should "pool" in the ribs of the Michelin Man hose.

An oil coating is my understanding of "normal", but not so much that oil is
standing in the bottoms of the ribs in pools.

   -but wouldn't a long term "mist" eventually amount to a larger
    amount accumulated in the hose?

Normal excess pressure in the crankcase comes from interruption of the
normal outlet for that pressure, as in the collapsed  breather hose.  If
that hose is intact and not sucking in on itself, there would be some other
obstruction, wouldn't there?"

I've been thinking about that and came to the conclusion that either
"Bernie's law" is incorrect; yes there is an obstruction in the hose; or
there would have to be two sources of oil coming into the intake track.
Last option is may least favorite, aka turbo problems?

I also replaced my cap last night, and with the condition of the contacts I
thought there would be a difference...same starting problem!

On another tack, has anybody seen a coolant temp sensor go bad and not throw
a fault code?  Again, no fault codes.

Trying to think through this.  If I can't fix this before I go to Cali for
x-mas, maybe the drive to a warmer climate will give more info.

Still fishing for suggestions?

derek p

oh, and mike, did I see you on the freeway tonight? saw another pearl 200
with montana plates on 405 tonight.

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