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Mon Dec 9 14:57:54 EST 2002

Phil Rose wrote:
> Probably an indication that the MFTS maker has a problem with the
> quality and/or reliability. Have you had the same symptom(s) each
> time it failed? Have you created some "drainage" in the connector's
> rubber boot to reduce chance of coolant collecting around the
> contacts?

	Same symptoms every time. Errant "over heat" errors from the trip computer, low
boost, etc..  I have created "drainage" for the connector, or it was created for
me, in the form of the little rubber bootie is completely gone now.  Might that
factor into the short life span?

> Many discount sources for this (e.g., TPC and others)--so no need to
> pay more than about $40. You are probably aware there are two MFTS
> variants, the 3-pin and 4-pin style. I've not heard any really
> convincing evidence to indicate that one design is more reliable than
> the other. However I wonder if the earlier (4-pin) version generally
> have lasted several (or more) years on average, whereas the
> experience with the 3-pin MFTS seems to be worse.

	The last 2 I have installed have been the 3-pin variety.  I wonder if that also
might play into the short life?

	Thanks for the info.

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