Airbag Code Problem

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at
Mon Dec 9 15:12:18 EST 2002

I'm still working on sorting out my 200q20v Avant to get it ready for sale.

Airbag light is on. The airbag also seems a little loose in the steering

Nobody local seemed to be able to read the airbag codes, so one local
mechanic who had a friend at the Audi dealer took it over. The dealer
reported that the airbag and ignitor need to be replaced (something like
$1700- maybe that was just the parts). The local mechanic doesnt really seem
to want to get further involved.

My question is about the codes. With the airbag a little loose, do the codes
give you different information if something is disconnected or misaligned as
opposed to actually faulty? Does it sound funny that both units are
supposedly bad?

I really don't want to fix this myself- I have no time right now. I know
that I can get a good airbag and ignitor from a reputable list vendor for a
tenth the price the dealer wants, but is there a chance that the parts are

Thanks very much,

Tom F.
1991 200q20v Avant FS

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