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Are you getting a good seal between the MFTS and the rail?

The coolant may be leaking into the sensor which leads to the premature failure,

 From Scott Mockry's website:

"Other Failure Info:
      I opened up two of these 3 terminal Behr units that had failed after less than one year, and found that the inside of the sensor was full of engine coolant. It appears that the machined brass housing somehow allowed coolant to seep into the micro switch area, right through the threaded portion that screws directly into the coolant passage.

          It is possible that over-tightening the 3 terminal style sensor is causing the brass threaded area of the sensor to crack and leak coolant into the sensor internal  contact area so don't strong arm the sensor when installing it. Or possibly the brass was porous on these faulty units and allowed the coolant to seep in.....More investigation is needed......Just my theory at the moment. It could be that I just got a bad batch of these 3 terminal sensors. "

Sound familiar?
BTW, Scott states that he can source both the original 4 pin and the newer 3 pin sensor


At 02:57 PM 12/9/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Phil Rose wrote:
>> Probably an indication that the MFTS maker has a problem with the
>> quality and/or reliability. Have you had the same symptom(s) each
>> time it failed? Have you created some "drainage" in the connector's
>> rubber boot to reduce chance of coolant collecting around the
>> contacts?


>        The last 2 I have installed have been the 3-pin variety.  I wonder if that also
>might play into the short life?
>        Thanks for the info.
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